I was bored and I've tried to reproduce the "repo browser" from TortoiseSVN in GTK+. It looks nice! It's havily multithreaded and carries upto 4 simultaneous operations with the Subversion server (of course it's completely asynchronous and never blocks).

It compiles only with Subversion 1.4.0 and later and it uses the latest GTK+ available in Debian unstable.

It does very little now, but I could extend it.

In case someone is interested, here it is.

Ah! URLs mustn't end in '/' or it crashes.

I've added a naive auth implementation, it seems to work. I stil don't undestand the API, I can't see the difference between the simple provider and the username one.

Nicolás Lichtmaier

Download Source (152 kiB)

Download i386-Linux binary (24 kiB)



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