Nicolás Lichtmaier's Curriculum Vitae

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Nicolás Lichtmaier
37 years old
Buenos Aires, Argentina
nico < at >

I have European Union citizenship.


I have experience with the following technologies:

Work Experience

Wolfram Alpha

From 2008


From august 2007 until 2008

Conceptión and development of an automated tests system, with optional Swing interface, for using on the site with a configurable set of rules. Maintaining and developing the site localization web application. Researching and solving performance issues (including creating a PHP extension in C for fast unicode string handling).


From october 2006 to july 2007

Architecture, design and implementation of a portal with tools designed for personell recruiters, aimed at the US market. I've developed a search engine based on Nutch/Lucene, writing custom plugins for adding geographical searches. I've implemented a threaded web crawler for smart extracting of names, positions and phone numbers from company sites.


From october 2005 to september 2006

Architecture of a SOA inspired system intended to run as a bank's core.


From 2003 to september 2005

Development of a client-server solution for instant messaging among applications, with the publish & subscribe model. Development of a Java interface for it (through JNI).

I've assisted to a 1-month course in Barcelona about the inner workings of a energy distribution management application, and another month to a course about a energy distribution management system.


From 1996 to 2003

Bansud Direct
Development of home banking on both the server side and the front-end side.
Design and implementation of a cryptographic security scheme with digital signature (public/private key) to allow the transference of logged users from many sites to PMC site (single sign-on). It was made in C language using the OpenSSL library and PKCS standards.
Adaptation of the "Pago mis cuentas" ("Pay my bills") system. At that time it was necessary to create an interface with Java (using JNI), PHP (creating a C module so that these functions looked native from PHP) and with Windows (creating a DLL and invoking it from VBScript/ASP).
ABN AMRO, Bansud, Deutsche Bank
Participation in the development of the C broker technology which was the backend of these home-bankings. This backend used an RPC based technology to communicate with the clients.
Participation in the development of a suppliers management system for Bansud programmed in Oracle's Pro*C/C++.
Participation in the development of the Interpyme system for Interbanking. For that project: design and implementation of a OO abstraction layer over a relational database (a custom Object-Relational mapper). Adaptation of the JSP server software used so that it could use M4 preprocessing. Creation of a high performance connection pool, oriented to the massive concurrent use.
Development and maintenance of the salesmen and client-support web application. Design and implementation of the insurance portal using Cocoon 1.x. For that project, development of modifications in Cocoon Apache software (that were included in the official version). Development from scratch of an implementation of the TLS protocol (SSL 3.1) in Java. Creation of a system that automates the RPC using XML-RPC technology. This software, based on a definition document, generates code that allows a C application to interact transparently with Java, Perl, PHP, etc. applications by sending XML-RPC messages.
Stock market
Development of the original version in Swing of the "Active Feed" applet, for displaying stock-market values (Bolsar Vivo). Later re-engineering of most of its structure. This applet takes care of showing the prices of the papers online.
Sociètè Gènèrale
Creation from zero of a web-mail system developed in Java using JavaMail and JSP technologies. It supports file attachments and reception of MIME types, text type text/plain;format=flowed, contact-list, etc.
Installation, maintenance and problem investigations related to the application "Visa@Home" (Java over Sun equipment). I developed a system of backup in tapes in Sun platform.
Maintenance and development of the software that consisted for many years the base of all the company home banking projects. It involved the GNU/Linux platforms, HP-UX (HP-9000), AIX and Solaris.

Free Software (free software or open source)

Desarrollos Digitales

Between 1994 and 1995.

MP Editions

In 1994

Institute Juan B. Justo

In 1993.

Substitute professor during 9 months in the computer laboratory. In charge of courses of primary (elementary) and secondary.

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